ACCA Course in Singapore

ACCA Course in Singapore

There are preparatory courses offered to aspiring accounting graduates to take and complete the ACCA qualifying examinations to get a global certification as a Charter Certified Accountant.

ACCA course in Singapore were offered after the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore in a joint venture to conduct certification examinations with the ACCA in 1983. The Joint Scheme Examinations when completed allows passers to be eligible for admission to the ACCA and ICPAS and in the recent years, Singapore has been one of the top producers of ACCA certified professionals. Today, Singapore requires professional accountants to possess ACCA qualification or certification in order for them to fill in and immigrate to the country.

Taking a Acca Course in Singapore

ACCA course in Singapore is offered at Schools catering to preparatory examination courses or via online tutorial or sessions through what is now known as e-learning. Educational institutions employ only the top most accounting professionals to train and prepare qualifying examinees to accomplish and pass all the paper included in the ACCCA Modules as preset and customized by the body. Online classes on the other hand provided for a one is to one tutorial session with high quality video streaming and teaching materials made for the course to be easier and dynamic.

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Acca Course in Singapore?

The ACCA course in Singapore takes 30 months to complete. The entire course is delivered and prepared in 18 lessons covering and extensive 3 hour lecture and demonstration series. The course is delivered to students via local tutors and they receive resources prepared by the uptrend College Resources providing materials for every student that comprehensively include lecture notes and book references, journals and material write ups that will help the students in accomplishing the course.

The course topics included in the ACCA course in Singapore covers the modules of the ACCA qualifying examination. The Knowledge Module is confined in developing the understanding and expanding the knowledge of the commercial environment and the implications it may bring to organizations maintaining accountant to operate and the vital role of a professional accountant in the industry. It equally equips the examinees foreground principles on cost and quantitative analysis for management and planning aspects. And an extended discussion of the technicalities involved in the accounting process. The ACCA Skills modules for every ACCA Course in Singapore reintegrate the necessary skills learned by the professional when he took the degree in accountancy. This is an area of enhancing the technical analysis and technical formidability of the professional to adapt to the changing world and method of business.

The Professional Level covering the modules Essential and Options provide for the application of the acquired knowledge and theoretical solutions while maintaining a judgement call in a business movement or crises. It puts forward the importance of advance management and risk control management when and where necessary. ACCA course in Singapore is much steeper than the bachelor’s degree completed to become eligible for a local board. The restrictions imposed in the preparatory course are based upon the fact that a professional who is admitted by the ACCA becomes an expert in the area or field of accounting.