Acca Courses in London

Acca Courses in London

The ACCA courses in London are a professional scheme that offers courses to the citizens of London or the United Kingdom. These courses offered by ACCA are internationally acclaimed and respected which simply means that they are known worldwide.

ACCA stands for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, the reputed body of accountancy.

The moments you have made yourself qualified with ACCA courses in London, this will then provide you with the qualification to take part with some of the most rewarding careers in the United Kingdom. These careers and professions may include business management, finance management, and accountancy. This qualification is usually completed with some combinations of tests and practical applications or experiences.

ACCA Courses in London Qualification

The new qualification of ACCA consists of 14 papers which are divided into 2 levels: the fundamental qualification and the professional qualification. The fundamental qualification consists of 9 papers while professional qualification consists of 3 essential papers and 4 optional papers.

The Fundamental Level

This level of the ACCA courses in London comes with 2 modules which entail Skills and Knowledge. The Knowledge module introduces the relevance of management and financial accounting. The Skill module entails the comprehensive ideas about the technical areas of accounting. These things should be well-mastered; and is definitely a requirement by the institution which provided these courses.

The Professional Level

This is a level of the ACCA course which also comes with 2 essential modules: the Essentials and the Options. Both of these modules are designed in a way the student can already apply the technical skills and knowledge which he has already accumulated throughout his learning process. This will allow the student to explore in a wider range of skills, knowledge, techniques, and essential values which are usually used buy expert accountants and those who are already in the senior level. As for the Option papers, the student is given to select 2 out of the 4 papers. These students will then get the advice of choosing the kin d of options they want in conformity with the kind of work they are anticipating.

ACCA courses in London Examination

A student may either choose from CBE or a computer based examination or a paper based examination of ACCA courses in London. For papers like F3, F2, and F1, the students who belong in these levels are advised to make use of the CBE while all other levels usually get their examinations in the paper based category. These examination, computer base or paper base are held two times a year particularly during the moths of December and June. London’s Management School is a reputable and approved CBE center in the United Kingdom. This school conducts examinations almost each month of the year.

Entry Qualifications

ACCA London usually allows certain types of entry points on ACCA’s qualifications. This usually depends on the age of the student and the academic qualifications which the student has achieved previously.

So those are the important things you need to know about London’s ACCA courses. Such information is important to you especially when you are aiming to take ACCA courses in London one of these days.